Krishan Gupta

Affiliations Harvard University.

Boston Children's Hospital,

Boston, MA 02115, United States.

I am a computational biologist with experience in data science, algorithms, and Machine-Learning-based techniques. Currently, I am working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Boston Children's Hospital in Harvard Medical School. My primary research domains are data science and bioinformatics. In addition, I am developing computational tools for analyzing and interpreting newly generated genomic data.

I graduated with a Ph.D. (2017-2021) in the Computer Science department of IIIT Delhi.

Before joining IIIT-Delhi, I was involved in a research project related to public key cryptography at SAG lab, Defence Research and Development Organisation-DRDO. I contributed in the domains high performance computing using GMP and MPI, under the supervision of Dr. SK Pal. I also worked in the areas of steganography and data compression.

Link to my social media connections github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar and Facebook.